New Look, New Collections and New “News”

New Look, New Collections and New “News”

If you have not visited 54Celsius in awhile, you will see we have a new website and quite a few new brands of our unique candles. We’ve teamed up with some outstanding designers and craftspeople to bring you a wide array of candle choices. 

Here are a few highlights: 

Twist Candles by award winning Dutch Designer Lex Pott bring a whole new meaning to the saying “Burning the candle at both ends”.

Who thought opening a tin could bring so much joy? Check out Candlecan Candles by Lithuanian Designer Justinas Bruzas. Delicious to behold and smell.

Everyday Emergency Candles are made to de-stress just about any unexpected situation and provide some warm light - whether to help you see in the dark or to provide a little ambiance. 

As you will see, the one commonality is that all our candles are so gorgeous that it will be hard to light them. But go ahead, burn them anyway. We’ll make more. 

Lastly, this is our first post in our newly created blog with the astoundingly creative title: “News”. Every month, we will highlight the collections, designers, trends in decor, and other things we think will interest you.  Please bookmark & share.


Dan, Jana and Thorunn